How different the possible application areas of our I-SUPs are, the selection of appropriate Fins is so limited: has invested much time in testing and development of new, affordable Fins and presents you:



Some thoughts on Fins in slow water vehicles:

when stand up paddling the Board, like any other paddle-driven vessel is deflected to the opposite side, the Paddle hits the water.

The pivot point is, where the force is based on the Board, between your feet.


Kiel and Fin work against this angular momentum , relative to speed2.

The faster the water vehicle, the greater the effect and also the resistance of a fin.

The Fulcrum wanders to the Fin at the End of the Vessel.


Consequently, the slower the vehicle, the biger the need of area for tracking, but the less the drag.


The size of the fins is limited by the depth of the water,(when do you hit the Ground) and the stability of the Fin, recording material and shape. 

(when does the glued in fin box of an inflatables rip off or tear?)


For Surfing and Windsurfing there is a nearly endless supply of fins of all possible forms and materials. 

All fitting FCS or US Finnbox.

Privileged those, who paddle a hardboard equipped with such a fin box.


We have found only a very limited selection of fins for slide-in fin boxes of  inflatable SUPs.



• Standard fin: 9 mm thick, 25, 5 cm draft, 187, 5 cm² area, 5 cm 75° 15 cm 53°


• Racefinne by Naish: 8mm thick, 26, 5 cm draft, 286 cm² area, 47 °


• Starboard race: 12 mm thick, 22, 5cm draft, 208 cm² area, 5 cm 75°. at 15cm 53 °


• Starboard 6 3/4 Drake: 12mm thick, 17, 7 cm draft, 108 cm² area, 5 cm 65°, 10cm 60 °


We add this selection:



 Die Wand©:  5mm thick, 22cm draft, 385cm² area, 40°




Field of application for  "Die Wand©":

the fin is intended to ensure a pleasant, gentle ride straight due to their low draft in weedgrown and shallow waters.

Already at low speeds, the tracking is amazing, while turning with usual crossbow, and pivot turn, remains simple.

Even with the reduced draft, groundings to  stones and gravel don't stay out.

As "Die Wand©" is developed to protect and take care of your delicate fin box and board

emphasis is on flexibillity and as little friction to obstacles as possible.

So we use the highest abrasion-resistant and impact resistant material we could get our hands on.


We offer Die Wand© to you

for €37.50 (not a misprint) plus shipping


More information and orders at

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Here are some pictures of prototype of our still more robust and more
complex integrated


Custom- BWsolo.




your "CustomDie wall ©" individually for you finished, we need the following information:

1 for what Board, brand, model

2.for which purpose, River, Lake, sea, wave, shallow (depth)

3.your weight.

4.Size of paddle,


6.average speed,

7.prefered page of paddle,

8.shall the Finn support  your strong suit?

The price of this Finn is also individually, depending on the effort between 120-€180

More information and orders

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